OiNKPlus is a media enhancer and artist discovery add-on for Firefox, that works in collaboration with many music trackers (and other select BT sites). The added OiNKPlus info cleverly coalesces within the supported website for seamless integration on the .torrent download page - and it even works with The Pirate Bay and mininova. Below is a look at the before and after examples on What.cd and mininova.org:

What.cd with… What.cd without… Mininova with… Mininova without…
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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

OiNKPlus 4.0 stable released

I'm glad to announce the immediate stable release of OiNKPlus 4.0, which derived from the previously announced beta. This release fixes bugs, most importantly the lag issue. Everything should run smoothly now. Also, some new sites are supported. Upgrading is strongly recommended.

Noteable changes:
  • support for SceneTorrents, SoftMp3.org, KrayTracker, arenabg.com, MetalTorrents, TheMusik.org, ViPv2.org
  • a link to PureVolume
  • updated IP addresses of trackers
  • What.cd support fixed
  • other minor fixes

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