OiNKPlus is a media enhancer and artist discovery add-on for Firefox, that works in collaboration with many music trackers (and other select BT sites). The added OiNKPlus info cleverly coalesces within the supported website for seamless integration on the .torrent download page - and it even works with The Pirate Bay and mininova. Below is a look at the before and after examples on What.cd and mininova.org:

What.cd with… What.cd without… Mininova with… Mininova without…
Description and pictures published by FileshareFreak (Thanks)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

OiNKPlus featured on FileShareFreak, gaining popularity

On September, 17th, a comprehensive article about OiNKPlus was featured on FileShareFreak.com. It's a very good read and does a pretty good job in explaining new users, what OiNKPlus is about. So, if you would like to recommend it to some of your friends, point them to that article.
In the past, OiNKPlus had also been featured on TorrentFreak.

Personally, I feel very honoured, that OiNKPlus is covered by these major and also on many other, smaller sites. It's very motivating and keeps this project alive. Just for the record, each update of OiNKPlus is installed by an impresive 1500 - 2000 users within the first days after a release. 18 months ago, when, for the first time, Alan (for those who don't know, he is the respectful guy behind the legendary OiNK tracker) mentioned OiNKPlus on the OiNK frontpage, I wouldn't even have dreamt about the fabulous story evolving since then. Shortly after the frontpage post, the forum thread about the new kid in town - OiNKPlus - had over 1000 enthusiastic replies!

Keep the torrents running,


Anonymous said...

congrats :)
fantastic little script, i'd be lost without it

hatebreed said...

gotta update for myspace again.

Anonymous said...

yea myspace player not working and last.fm tags, the last.fm player does though

Anonymous said...

Fix for myspace: https://gist.github.com/13139/43ab302fafa2c709cf6cc4d466386094cf2410c5

Anonymous said...

myspace player broken

Anonymous said...

Hi, just to let you know this little gem of a script doesn't work at Libble at the moment because we've moved to the excellent new code that is gazelle.

Hopefully the author can update oink+ soon. :)