OiNKPlus is a media enhancer and artist discovery add-on for Firefox, that works in collaboration with many music trackers (and other select BT sites). The added OiNKPlus info cleverly coalesces within the supported website for seamless integration on the .torrent download page - and it even works with The Pirate Bay and mininova. Below is a look at the before and after examples on What.cd and mininova.org:

What.cd with… What.cd without… Mininova with… Mininova without…
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OiNKPlus 12: MySpace Player Fixed

As you may have noticed, MySpace changed their player code and thus breaking the player within OiNKPlus. Luckily, gondaba, an OiNKPlus user, came up with a fix before I could even put my hands on this issue.

Donators so far:
  1. Zer****
  2. Mat****
  3. Nic****
  4. Rha***
  5. Dma*****
  6. Dll***
  7. Nno*****
  8. Ton***
  9. Big*******
  10. Dar**
  11. Bab****
  12. hug******
  13. Mch*****/li>
  14. Dru*******
  15. Ptr*****
  16. rya***
And here it is:

Thank you,



Mattias said...

I wasn't able to donate...

"Currently PayPal accounts in Aruba are only able to send payments. This recipient is not eligible to receive funds."

I will do when it's possible! Thank you!

Indieana said...

@Mattias: Thanks for trying to send me a donations and also for letting me know, that Paypal again is frustrating as hell.

mcclelland said...

yeah, Indieana, when I click 'donate' I get a very german page. "Geben Sie den gew├╝nschten Spendenbetrag ein, und klicken Sie auf Summe neu berechnen."

Indieana said...

@mcclelland: Indeed, I missed to pass the US country code in the button form code. It's also strange, that you are forced to have a Paypal account, because on other donations, from Amarok for instance, you can also donate with your credit card without registering with Paypal.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your support!

Anonymous said...

Metalbits still doesn't work, thanks for the update though.

ben said...

Congrats on such a fine piece of software.


Mil** said...

Invaluable and extremely useful script.
I regularly spend more time listening to the embedded players and riffing through bios, then actually looking at torrent info. Keep up the good work.

KingJacob said...

For "elsewhere:" libble.com has the same icon as what.cd

music business said...

thanks for sharing this info...will look forward for more updates..

Anonymous said...

Any chance you will include pitchfork ratings or at least a link to the review?

Anonymous said...

im gonna donate $20 just because this is an invaluable service that you are doing.

you have made my music experience just more enjoyable. thnx! im going to open a paypal account asap!

on another note, metalbits still doesnt seem to work! i hope this gets fixed soon! thnx again!

ZeroC said...

To the creator, can you please add scenesound to the script.

Euro. said...

last.fm player does not work now :(

ZeroC said...

...and SQN aswell:>

Josh said...

i think myspace player is dead

ZeroC said...

Is this project dead? That would really suck!
If it isn't can you please add scenesound to the list! I can invite you if you don't already are a member:).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this. I've been using it for a while and I really like it. Unfortunately, I just switched to Google Chrome and it doesn't seem to work that well. I get the Oink Plus frame added to each torrent webpage, but the contents seems to take forever to load. Have you seen this before?

Anonymous said...

I really wish you would keep this as a greasemonkey script and NOT use an extension.
I am not happy about this announcement.

MKosto said...

Unfortunately it doesn't work on Google Chrome =(

Kyle S. said...

OiNKPlus has helped me find so much new music without all the hassle. Thanks a ton Indiena for all you've done. I've been using OiNKPlus since it started. Never forget :)

You definitely deserve these donations for all the work you've put into this.

Anonymous said...

Interesting ideas you have here. I am mostly interested in VPN's like those here Torrent Privacy reviews.

joeh said...

loved it on Firefox. Please make it work with Chrome!

Anonymous said...

you should add bandcamp to your external links. nobody uses myspace anymore!

thanks for an awesome plugin!

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