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What.cd with… What.cd without… Mininova with… Mininova without…
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Friday, March 21, 2008

OiNKPlus 6.0, MySpace fix, indietorrents & metalbits support

Hi everybody, this release fixes the MySpace Player not showing issue. New sites supported are Indietorrens (#i.t) and Metalbits.org. Upgrading is recommended.
Now can somebody kind please invite me to torrentech (Thanks jac****!) and torrentleech (Danke la*****!)? My email: indieana@mailpuppy.com. Thanks!
Noteable changes:
  • support for #i.t and Metalbits finally
  • MySpace Player fix
  • abstracts now expand inline
  • other minor fixes
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Anonymous said...

Still can't get it to work with myspace.

Anonymous said...

yeah myspace is still borked please fix, i love your script so much!

Indieana said...

As nobody else is reporting problems with the MySpace player, could you both please provide some more feedback, for instance from which country you are, because I suppose the issue to be in the assumption I made about the Google search result page. Technically the script does a special google search and takes the first result, which often leads to the correct MySpace page. If the result page would look different, than this might fail.

Anonymous said...

I live in the U.S. I'm still not getting any myspace pages at all, just the f.m. Reinstalled greasemonkey and oinkplus, but got the same results. It could be the noscripts script I have installed, but I allow naptoon and allowed scripts globally without anything changing.

Nova said...

It works great for me, thanks a lot Indieana!

Geoffrey said...

I'm sure you get this all the time but I love this script and I want to write a simple code to put a users browsing element from on page of a bulletin board onto another page on the board. It seems like it'd be a much much simplier version of this script so I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. I'm currently going through the diveintogreasemonkey guide and i keep searching the internet for a simple insert script that i could edit but I haven't had any luck. If you get a minute I'd appreciate it and keep up the good work!

Joel said...

thanks for the work on indietorrents

Anonymous said...

I invited you to torrentleech, thanks for your work!

Indieana said...

Thanks for the invites!

For the MySpace player problem some of you still encounter: I need further information on your problem, as the player is showing up for *most* of the people. Could you please send me the source code of follwing Google web page like it appears in your browser: http://www.google.com

(concat the 3 lines above in your address bar, Google broke the lines in my comment)

I can analyze the code and see, why the player won't show up for you. Send your results to indieana@mailpuppy.com

There may be be some difference in how the Google result page renders for you, which breaks the script.


beatyw said...

Awesome script. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Those of you looking......
irc.torrentech.org for invites to www.torrentech.org - they arent that hard to get hold of :)

Anonymous said...

First of thanks for this great add on! oinkplus has not been working for me for over a month now. the last.fm player does not even load and the myspace player loads but the song titles are un-clickable! they are in dark font.
any help would be much appreciated!!