OiNKPlus is a media enhancer and artist discovery add-on for Firefox, that works in collaboration with many music trackers (and other select BT sites). The added OiNKPlus info cleverly coalesces within the supported website for seamless integration on the .torrent download page - and it even works with The Pirate Bay and mininova. Below is a look at the before and after examples on What.cd and mininova.org:

What.cd with… What.cd without… Mininova with… Mininova without…
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

7.0: Gazelle ready

This release will ensure support for Gazelle, the amazing baby by the What.CD guys. It's a minor release which also fixes a small bug with ThePirateBay and a rare issue with the MySpace player. In other words:
Soon to come:
  • support for Torrentz.com - now Johnny can make use of OiNKPlus
  • much improved artists recognition on public trackers, like above this is for Johnny
  • related torrents, this will be fun!
  • support for MBT, Demonoid and RockBox and ...
Please check back around Monday to take part in the beta test for the soon to come features.

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Anonymous said...

Ever considered making something similar to use for movies/tv? I mean browsing music became so much easier since i've got oinkplus, so it would be real nice to get something to help me with movies, as sometimes it's so annoying to go to imdb and wiki urself checking what this movie is all about and stuff :)just a thought, and thanks for this one, keep it up :p

Crotch Pope said...

I have a bug report
On a torrent on what? the artist is [x]-rx
that is the correct artist name, but OiNKPlus reads it as -Rx and the information in the body of OiNKPlus is all wrong; it pulls up some random band's myspace player, and its just not right.
But when I search for [x]-rx it comes up fine.
What gives? Is the function that reads the artist name ignoring the X since it's in brackets for some reason?
If that would be the case, if there are any other bands/groups etc. with [] before, it would probably misread them as well.
Any information regarding this would be appreciated, thanks ::

Anonymous said...

as if gazelle ever reaches stable status.

Anonymous said...

Could you add a link to www.metal-archives.com as one of the External links? It is genre specific, so you might only want to add it to MetalBits, but still that's the one music site I use that isn't listed under external links :-).

Money Ideas said...

Great plug in man!

Anonymous said...

It would be awesome to have this work on the artist pages on what.cd now with gazelle... dont know if that is possible but since its just based on the artist name searches you would think it would just be a matter of adding the url of what.cds artist pages... just a thought... love the program either way

Anonymous said...

Oinkplus has stopped working in indietorrents.com. It worked before installing this latest version. It works fine in waffles and what, though. I'm using Firefox on OS X.

Anonymous said...

can't wait til it works on MBT!

Anonymous said...

what.cd/browse.php should be removed as it doesn't exist anymore as far as I know.

also metal-archives.com would be a great link to add.

and how about the mighty demonoid.com :p

thank you!

sunetti said...

what about including oinkplus on the artist page instead of an album. oink plus gives information about artists so i think it should be there. what.cd? is the first tracker with such a great codebase

Daniel said...

the search for more music for what.cd is broken. it should change the link from http://what.cd/browse.php?search=

to http://what.cd/torrents.php?artistname=

i think at least. thanks for all this

rogerroger said...

what.cd recently made secure browsing available (https://what.cd) however oinkplus doesn't work on it.

How bout an update?

lillprinsen said...

Great script, but i need some help. The myspace player has stopped working for me it says n/a. Anyone with the same problem and have a solution?

i tried to reinstall both grease and the oink script but no luck.

Pleez help.

Anonymous said...

this no longer works with the recent greasemonkey update..