OiNKPlus is a media enhancer and artist discovery add-on for Firefox, that works in collaboration with many music trackers (and other select BT sites). The added OiNKPlus info cleverly coalesces within the supported website for seamless integration on the .torrent download page - and it even works with The Pirate Bay and mininova. Below is a look at the before and after examples on What.cd and mininova.org:

What.cd with… What.cd without… Mininova with… Mininova without…
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Friday, June 13, 2008

OiNKPlus 8: Torrentz.com support, some fixes

This release will add early support for Torrentz.com. It also adds support for https , supports artist pages and fixes the display of OiNKPlus (all on What.cd).

Update: I'm aware that the Last.fm player isn't showing u
p and that's due to their site's update. As I'm in exam period until 11th of August, I cannot fix this ATM. Bear with me, a fix will follow. Additionally, Last.fm also released a new API which will remarkably speed up the time to display artist information.

I'm looking for some people to help with enhancing OiNKPlus. If you are interested, drop me an email.



Avi said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for filling my request for Artist Page support. Greatly appreciated :)

Jan said...

great now my myspace player works again. thanx.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the fixes!! However it still doesn't at Softmp3.org.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant it still doesn't work at Softmp3.org.

Indieana said...

I'm no longer in the possesion of an Softmp3.org account due to inactivity on this site. I can't be active on all the sites supported. So, apparently, I can't fix the support for the site, but if you know a little bit of Javascript you may fix it yourself and I will update the script. For fixing you would best install yourself Firebug for Firefox, that's a useful webdeveloper extension. Turn on debug in OiNKPlus by setting the debug variable to true and put an eye on the site definition for Softmp3 within the code. I guess the problem may be due to a changed page layout or something? So you would have to modify the "hook" directive within the site definitons.

Hope that helps,

Sweatting in So Fla said...

The search strings never, ever, ever return an accurate result while using What.CD.

Anonymous said...

thx for this great addon ... can't go without it on what.cd :)

Hopefully there are enough javascript people around to help you out. You should post this info at the forums as well :)

Sundar said...

woohoo thx for filling my req. too :D

its just awesome now

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for this amazing work.

suggestion: for what.cd, use artist.php?name=%s instead of torrents.php?searchstr=%s for the "more from ARTIST" and "more from ARTIST on" links

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey I read your bit about not having much time, but as a little suggestion, since some bands don't have listings with last.fm (or nothing informative) could we maybe see some myspace info too: like, the 1-3 genres listed under their name, the subtitle in quotes to the right, and the location below that.

I won't say anything about the description fields since most bands on myspace these days junk it up with unrelated crap rather than their actual influences, sounds like, etc. ;) Especially nice would be the Record Label field (since lots of torrent sites don't require uploaders to include it, and many of us still put the label in the folder name) Keep it truncated to, say, 32 characters or so of text and blocking any image code, for those bands who don't list their label in that field...


Anonymous said...

heya, could we get support for the new last.fm player and for ssl.what.cd?

keep it up!

Daniel said...

Is there any way to add RIAAradar to the list of data? Would be semi-useful. Not an important addition, but stomething that could be added to the list of awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

please come back! we're obviously all too lazy and incompetent to code something like this and we need you! only you have the power!

Anonymous said...

Is there possible to get oinkplus support for filemp3.com?

Anonymous said...

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pedro velasquez said...

Indieana, sportsbook a former OiNK member had been working on a greasemonkey script that would pull data, links and song previews from around the web and add it to pages on OiNK. Unfortunately OiNK is no more, but the good news is that the script has now been modified to work with Mininova, bet nfl The Pirate Bay, STmusic, FunkyTorrents what.cd, Libble, and, of course, Waffles.
OinkPlus displays a list of similar artists, a link to other torrents from that artist on the BitTorrent site you’re on, the artist/band’s bio, a Last.fm player, and, if available, a MySpace player. http://www.enterbet.com The script also displays links to the artist’s presence on Wikipedia, Amazon, Hype Machine, Pandora, and so on.

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